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    Hi guys!

    Freesound is a very usefool tool to find ambients, and effekt sound, etc. There are a few very good samples. And than, there are shit. And appearantly a lot of them, more, and more....
    Windnoise, very weak compressions, handling noise, etc.
    I mean, I know, this is free content, but it takes so long to search for the good samples because there are so many bad ones. I guess, these bad arent usefull for anyone... Can we have some kind of a quality check, or something? Maybe a feedback-connected system, where users can mark samples as unusable ones, or so?....

    Just an idea, trying to improve usability.

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    this is something we've been thinking for a while although it is hard to define what's "usable" and what's not. For the moment you can try filtering content by file format and sorting by ratings/n downloads. That should help. Also we are thinking about ways of automatically estimating sound quality and are doing some research in that direction so maybe in the future we add features to help filtering by quality...

    the freesound team

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