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    Batch Uploader And Tagger

    Hi, FreeSounders!

    I wrote some time ago about the need for a batch uploader that would automatically tag multiple files. I myself have been holiding off on uploading some sample packs because of the vast expenditure of time needed to tag the individual samples. I'd like to get feedback about this from members, from the admin team, and any updates in adding these features.

    Thanks for reading, I look forward to your responses!

    -- Phill C.

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    I wholeheartedly agree! Though copy and paste helps somewhat, it would be excellent if we could see a list to the side of the page with all of our currently "pending upload" sounds that we could batch-select to adjust the descriptions, and it would apply to all of the sounds selected.

    There was a suggestion a little while ago to have a sort of "sound tag" - a box of text that will be added to the description of each sound you upload alongside the regular description - which you can edit at any time to edit the text of all of your sounds.

    I think the system might see the light of day as it is seemingly in review on the Freesound GitHub page here:

    Though, I have no idea how GitHub works so that could mean nothing (though it would also be a welcome addition, and might lead to batch-editing!)

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    we have a batch system which we use for very large libraries. The way it works is you upload your sounds and then provide us with a csv file that contains all necessary fields. However, this method is "manual" in that we need to run things manually, you can't trigger it from the website.

    An example of someone whose sounds were uploaded like this is most of the stuff by

    If you do have an extremely large batch of sounds you want to upload, please let me know.


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    We have in mind to make this "batch upload" feature available to users and did already some work in this direction, but it is not ready yet. Hopefully it will be at some point in the short-mid term future smile

    the freesound team
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    Thank you, Bram. I will check that out!

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