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    Strange high-pitched beeping after upload to Freesound

    I've only just noticed a strange high-pitched beeping in many of my uploaded sounds on Freesound. At first I thought it must be a problem with my equipment, but I'm relieved to discover the beeps only occur after uploading to Freesound.

    Please listen to this audio for example, where you can here the high-pitched beep after 8, 13 and 21 seconds... and throughout.

    How has this happened? It's really annoying!

    Many thanks, Paul

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    This is very common here.

    The playback of sound files on this site is of a much lower quality version of the file that is actually downloaded by users, so there are some weird artifacts like this that appear. I'm not entirely sure what causes it - perhaps a certain frequency triggers it?

    Regardless, I've started putting little notes in the description saying that the quality is always better when downloaded etc.

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