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    Feature Request: zip download

    Something that would be really useful would be the ability to download sounds in a zip file that also contains a text file with pertinent information. Let me explain.

    Sometimes I browse this site casually, downloading several sounds without looking for anything in particular. Later, as I'm searching my hard drive for audio samples for various projects, I might find a sound I downloaded previously and decide to use it.

    This is fine for personal projects that I'm not going to share with anyone else, but if I ever intend to distribute my creations, I need to know the legal limitations, i.e. the license. Unfortunately, if I downloaded the sound without making a note of the license by hand, I have to come back on the site and hopefully be able to find it again.

    What I would like to see is each sound downloadable as a zip file including the sound file itself as well as a text or html file containing the following:

    *The creator/copyright holder. This is optional, since it's in the file name already.
    *The license. It doesn't have to be the full text of the license as long as it just lists which CC license it uses.
    *The description. Sometimes the author puts specific instructions here, so it would be nice to have this available.

    This would save a lot of hassle and make it easier to avoid violating the licenses.

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