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    "42 sounds" ONLY 10 or so display

    it doesn't matter what I search, it will say at the bottom something like "42 sounds" but ONLY 10 or so display with NO page numbers or auto-scrolling to display the rest of the results!!!

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    Use link ;Show advanced search options
    Than change; group sounds by pack

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    Hi justinrpg

    It will be easier for someone to help if you give an example of the search terms you are using but the probable reason is that under some sounds it will say (next to a little green ddiamond)something like "22 more results in the same pack "zippy-de-boo-bop"." The "47 sounds" count all the sounds in all the packs but sometimes only one sound from each is shown on the search results page.

    If this helps post to let us know.


    Edit: Haha.. klankbeeld beat me to it!

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