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    More email preferences

    Hi there, I would like to suggest that there be an option in 'settings' to choose what you get email notifications about. For example, you could tick a box to get an email when you have a private message but not when there is a comment on your sound.

    What does everyone think?

    PS: Ha ha just seen that there is a tick box that says 'Send me an email notification when new posts are added in this thread.'

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    Do you really get that many comments that it bothers you?

    I thought that commenting was a scarcity around here. Although I find it's always nice when I get an e-mail saying someone's commented, making me all excited, only to find out someone has called my sound a faggot.

    Although right now you can't stop e-mail notifications for comments, you can easily unsubscribe from a forum thread you have replied on; in the e-mail. Those are the only two types of notifications apart from moderation messages (which are vital for users to see).

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