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    Unfriendly captcha


    My friend tried to register on FreeSound. She couldn't solve any of captchas displayed (I couldn't too, I saw these ugly monsters on screenshots she sent me). Moreover, after few dozens of failed attempts recaptcha module displayed message "Your computer or network may be sending automated queries" and no more captcha were shown.

    Is it possible to change recaptcha for some more user-friendly method?

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    I was always fond of the "game" type captcha. The one where it tells you to "drag the scissors into the square" or "select these objects". I find these to be the most convenient and error-free of the various types of captcha.

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    This is what registration captcha looks like right now:

    Two tickets exist in this regard (one was created shortly after this forum post):

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    Hi, newbie here – just to say (before I start finding my feet) that I also tried to join the community on a mobile phone and the captchas are quite literally impossible. Sometimes you can't see what's in the picture, sometimes it malfunctions totally and loads a single image across the 9 different cells. I tried dozens of times (it livened up a dull train journey, but I'd have given up within five minutes at any other time!), and I have very good vision...anyone with a visual impairment has no chance.

    Got home, visited the site on my computer, and all I had to do was press 'I'm not a robot'. Seems bizarre that on a device with a titchy screen you have to try and jump through impossible visual hoops, and yet for those using a massive desktop display there are no captchas at all!

    I didn't really want to kick off with a massive moan-fest (failed there, then!), but it's easy for regular users to forget just how hard it is to join, so decided to add to the thread.



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