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    batch describe

    i usually uploading a packs of sounds (from 30 to 200 samples in pack), mainly oneshots which are very similar to each other,
    all sounds from packs don't require detailed hashtag-set and description for each one,
    it is very lingering to describe about hundred of pretty similar sounds individually,
    it would be very handy if batch describe, or describe whole pack feature will be implemented.


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    Good suggestion.
    Until that happens, simply use a notepad window and copy / paste the description and tags to each sample.
    You can easily complete the tags and descriptions for 10 samples in just over 1 min this way.

    I want to believe.
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    This has indeed been mentioned on many occasions in the past. I seem to remember the last time Frederic said that there was an agenda to streamline the describing process. Lets hope this gets seen so it can be put on the heightened agenda.

    I believe this is the one major hindrance left with the upload/detail process.

    I'm sure this is a deterrent for users contributing large batches of one-shot samples.

    I am the thing that goes bump in the night...

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    Exactly. The upload process need a significant streamlining and speedup. Get inspired by soundcloud, for example.

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    We really need this feature!
    There is people who suffer from hand pain - mousy arm and copy/paste describing 47 samples really makes me feel bad - considering you need 3 tags and the description.

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