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    Some One! Pease Answer My Questions!!!

    I just posted my first four sounds on to freesound. It says they need to be "moderated." I read up about it and I understand what it generally means, I just have some questions.

    1)How long does it take for your files to be moderated?


    2)How does one become a moderator? Or is that even possible?

    I currently have another forum open that no one will answer my questions on. It's titled: "(Hidden field recaptcha_challenge_field) This field is required?" If you could, please try to answer the other one too!

    I would appriciate it if you could reply realativly soon!


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    Right, so you understand more or less what moderation is and why it is necessary. That is good. So I won't have to explain that.

    How long it takes for files to be moderated depends on:
    1) how long the moderation queue is at that particular time
    2) how many modreators are actively moderating
    3) If there are any issues or questions in relation to your sounds.

    1) The mod queue is 128 sounds long right now. Might seem a lot but actually isn't. WE have had over 500 sounds in the queue in the recent past.
    Unfortunately, your sounds are pretty much at the back of the queue... We need to moderate ~120 sounds before we get to yours...

    2) I do not know how many moderators are active at the moment. All mods are volunteers (meaning they are not paid) and moderate on their free time...
    I would say it could take a few days.

    3) If this is the case you would get an email from one of the mods with their questions. However, some of these emails can end up in the email SPAM folder, so make sure you check that.

    Only users that have been with Freesound for some time, have contributed to sounds and or forum discussions would be considered to be moderators. Some knowledge of copyright and overall good manners are a considerable plus.

    Hope this answers your questions

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    Thanks so much! That clears everything up. I'm really greatfull you're are answering all my questions.

    (Tuthfully)THANKS A MILLION,

    “Fart for freedom, fart for liberty—and fart proudly.” -Benjamin Franklin

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