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    Feature Request - download your bookmarked sounds

    I think this site is a gold mine! Thanks for the work.

    I've tried to search the forum for this topic but didn't see my question/request.

    Either there is a way and I can't see it or I would love to see a feature that enables me to download all sounds for specific tag (that I tagged, not the creator).

    Say I tag five sounds "frogs" and then I come back to my bookmarks, and I have, beside my frog tag these two buttons:

    - "download all sounds in tag"
    - "download new sounds in tag"

    You save info about which sounds I download so the diff between downloaded and bookmarked could maybe already be in place.

    Just a thought!

    Thanks guys and gals.

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    So when you say "tag" you are using a completely different meaning from what freesound calls a "tag". A different term might be appropriate. What you really want to do is add sounds to collections that you name, while browsing, and then download an entire collection. Most web sites since the earliest days call that a shopping cart (which only you can see), or a "want list" (which perhaps others are allowed to see), or just the things you have "liked" (blech) or marked as "favorites" (whether visible to others or not), but I haven't seen cases where you're allowed to name those collections, unless its something like a republication "channel" (like on vimeo, etc.). It's a nice idea for downloaders, not so helpful on the creation/uploading side, where IMHO most of the enhancement work is most fruitful. Perhaps some of the tools that let you browse freesound sounds without using a web browser (per se) would already do this? I haven't used them, so I dunno.

    -- Keith W. Blackwell
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    We've rejected many ideas over the years about downloading "big sets of files in one go", mostly because our servers would die. It's already quite heavy with the packs.

    Additionally, this would allow people to mindlessly download gigs of sounds from freesound. Just consider freesound an extension of your hard drive and only get the sounds you really need. That'll save us on bandwidth wink

    - bram

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