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    excluding from search

    Would be nice to have the ability to exclude from searches certain things, and to set up it "permanently" (some user panel to manage options). For example:

    - selected users (various reasons: wrong tags, repeating results in different searches, quality expectations) - this is not always possible in regular search (or I don't know something; if name is made of more words and spaces, then it's problematic),

    - manually marked samples/packs as "don't show",

    - samples marked by system as previously downloaded and/or played,

    - "per session search" - elliminate results that were found in earlier searches during one "session" (start/stop session defined by user, or per day, or something like that). Maybe some way of marking whih of these searches were displayed on search pages, or - time limitation in query.

    Your ideas how to narrow things?

    Conditions (sample rate, bit depth, licence type, and so on) - also could be arranged in "x AND y" way. - independent research on sound and consciousness - best sounds for extraordinary inner experiences
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    I have a problem with ifartinurgeneraldirection's tag usage meaning that very many results being worthless when I'm looking for explosion sounds. (I don't use pack grouping in search.)

    My solution is to add "-USERNAME" to the search text query.

    Space issues should be solvable using '"' (e.g. '"foo bar"' instead of 'foo bar').

    PS: It's possible to hack the search queries a bit, for example:;=score+desc&advanced;=1&g;=&q;=wat

    In parts, just in case:

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