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    I'm new, descriptions, packs

    Whoa, I just became a member and I've already encountered a problem that is making me very irritated!
    I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple, so help me if you can please...
    I uploaded my first recording. It asked me to enter a description, so I did, but then it seemed unsatisfied by my description. Is there a way I'm supposed to do it? it said "if you've selected 4 or more you have to describe each of them..." something like that...selected 4 or more of WHAT? I don't know what I'm supposed to do, I entered as many tags as I could think of, then wrote a little blurb as a description...was that incorrect?
    Then, the matter of Packs! I have to create a pack. What is that? i couldn't find the answer on the website, so I just assumed it was a way of putting recordings into groups so I said "people."
    I'm new so one I get past these minor snags, I'll be happy.

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    do u till need help and do u get what licensed to use because I noticed u put it on noncommercial, which means people can't use them in YouTube or other sites like that or any other projects basically.

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