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    Not Downloading!

    My download files are getting suspended, no matter how many times i try, am not able to download, can someone help!

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    I don't now what you mean, up- ore down-loading. But I see more problems the last weeks.
    The system is slow with listening to the sounds and slow anyway. When I upload i do not get the white/red beam that tells me I am uploading. Downloading is very slow too. I already send an mail to 'contact' a week ago and hope the technicians are working on it.

    I have these problems on the Ipad as the PC as well, using opera and firefox. and I do not have problems with my wifi speed in general. I can not find problems at my side?

    Lets hope for the best.

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    TEch team mentioned some server problems to me recently when I inquired about a sample that had apparently gone missing.
    The sample is at Freesound, but did not process normally through moderation as it should have.

    I want to believe.
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    Another user has reported problems downloading recently.

    This time with the DL button not appearing (from what I gathered).

    Maybe this is due to the latest sever update...


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