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    Feature Request: Images

    Just that. Show an image in sound description, so a visitor can see what's playing.

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    Already there: smile

    Of course it's up to the sound owner to decide to upload, host and embed an image.

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    Hosting images outside of the web is not optimal. You can see that all over the early posts of various forums. 99% of external files are missing. And it is sad wink.

    At least some kind of thumbnail (with enlargement on click) would be nice. If Soundcloud can have one... ?

    Then there are all these problematic youtube reposts... there is a picture under play button.

    Perhaps integrating picture gallery into the freesound player in the similar manner as you can view waveform and spectral plot via a click of the button would be the solution. Showing multiple picture thumbnails slidable from side to side...

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