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    Batch Description (for packs)

    I just uploaded 63 files for a collection of metallic percussion sounds. There's not a lot to say about them, ie. "hitting a hammer with another hammer", "hitting a metal vent". Since I went through the trouble of editing each impact into its own file, (for easy use in the Hydrogen drum machine), I'm left with a lot of files needing description. I'm happy to share my sounds but I hesitate when it means I'll need to spend a good chunk of time just describing everything, even with copying and pasting.

    Here's what I'd prefer: Uploading sounds as part of a pack could give me an option to give all sounds the same tag and description. I know they aren't all exactly the same, (there is lots of variety), but since they are intended as a set it makes sense to speed up this process in this way. I could easily give a description which covers all the sounds included.

    Does anything like this exist at the moment? I'm going to hold off on describing any more sounds for the time being, I just don't have the time or patience to be this meticulous.

    Thanks for reading.

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    U mean a coy to all button? I have seen other posts for this request I agree there should be a coy to all button for users who upload a bunch the same type of sounds, it would truly speed up the process.

    Everyone say agree if this is a feature u guys would like on Freesound.


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