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    New Idea!!!

    Hey guys! I have thought of a new feature! Do you ever find it annoying when, for example, I was searching for 'drums' and I found some loops, but then a giant pack of one-shot sounds entered and I had to trawl my way through them until I found the loops again. Well actually I never did but you get the point. There should be where it says the pack names or the artist names and the tags, next to each item there should be a minus button so it searches for: e.g. : drums -pack:"Drum samples" would be searching for drums but if it was in the pack 'Drum Samples', then it wouldn't show up. Comprendez? Comprendre? Понимать? Skilja? פאַרשטיין?

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    Type a word on the 'search sounds' box. For example "drum". Press enter to get teh search results.

    You can remove all samples that contain "bass" by going back to the search box and typing "-bass".

    Normal searches prioritize tags, but they also look at descriptions and filenames.
    To access the advanced options press the 'show advanced search options' under the search box - Note this only appears on the results page.

    Within advanced options you can choose to search only packs. - If you were searching for drums, maybe you want a pack that contains samples of a full drum kit, rather than individual samples.
    You can also decide how the results will be sorted - most recent first, oldest first, most downloaded first, highest rated first, etc.

    Most people add sounds as part of packs. But how they group sounds into packs varies greatly. Using our example search for 'drum', you may find that some people group sounds of full kits; others will create sample packs of snares, bassdrums, cymbals, etc; others may group them by recording session... or God knows what... I have got a sample pack called riff-raff, where I tend to put anything I don't know where else to put...

    Not sure I got your point...
    Since you can download any sound in Freesound individually (whether it is part of a pack or not), there is no benefit in 'excluding sounds that are in packs' from your search.
    Maybe I did not understand what you were suggesting.

    I want to believe.

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