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    NO SOUND! Why?

    Like montanabob, I am having prolems. System is a Mac.

    I have tried to download this file:

    I hit the "download" button and—Safari or Firefox browsers open a new window. When I do a "save as" I get nothing at all.

    If I add .wav the file appears, but—NO SOUND in a 4K file.

    Why do some downloads work and others don't?

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    OH Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! your doing it wrong!

    I don't know why though :?

    ...I mean seriously, why would you do it wrong? That's just stupid. Try right click then go save as then go like where to save, then do it. If that's no good then try LEFT CLICK then when download thingy pops up, go save, then yeah.

    but seriously try this, i do this sometimes:

    it might be "cheating" but go to the sound you want, and let the WHOLE SOUND play (obviously not practical for long feild recordings) then go to your temporary internet files, and THERE IS IT!!! So CAREFULLY drag and drop it into Audacity and there. Then DONT FORGET TO SAVE THE FILE cause once it's in Audacity it's deleted from your temporary files.

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    Hey, I have the same problem, but it isnt downloading samples,
    I use firefox and it tries to download the page as a PHP file, just ignore it and click the link again hold Shift + Click.
    I don't know why it does that either.......

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    RIGHTCLICK (or alt-click or apple-click, or whatever it is in safari) and say "save target as.

    - bram

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