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    No matter what I do - I get files that won't function

    I download the file - then try to play them using QT.

    I also tried opening them up in Final Cut Pro.

    I get nothing. The files are not recognized - or else play the first byte and then stop.

    My Macbook prefers to save them with no file format tag - so I added .wav. My computer tells me that's correct, but still nothing plays.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Try to open the files in raw mode. Since wav is just an array of data with no compression applied then you should get the sound with the header. I'm no Mac guy, but I can tell that this is how I open unknown files in SoundForge. Just my $0.02.

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    what file are you talking about?
    maybe it's a special format like OGG or FLAC...
    have a look in the FAQ

    - bram

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    yes look at the file format this sounds like youre not opening the right format.

    you'll need to convert a flac format (uncompress it)

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