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    Sound Player

    I posted the following question probably in the wrong forum and so I'm reposting it here as a feature request. ...

    "Is the sample freesound player proprietary or perhaps available as a plugin or standalone player? It would be cool to have the same player as an app for playing downloaded sounds. I particularly like the waveform display. Thanks."

    Clarification: My question is in part a suggestion for Freesound to provide html code or something similar that could be embedded in a web site so that users could play Freesound audio files via the embedded link. As an example of what I mean, YouTube provides html code for embedding videos in external web sites. Does Freesound have a similar capability or could this be considered for a future update?

    One reason this is so useful and popular on YouTube is that it solves the problem of users having to deal with various video file formats. They just play them. They don't have to download yet another video player. Might the same idea be useful for Freesound uploads so that users of my site and others could play audio files and not be concerned with file formats?

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    Hi Tom
    I can't answer your question, but some points to consider.
    Hot-linking to freesound samples might put a lot of extra strain on the freesound server and slow it down for everyone else(and remember it isn't funded by advertising the way Youtube is - it's main purpose is to distribute CC sounds between creative users.)
    Also for bandwidth reasons the streaming preview is in mp3 format that potentially loses quality for a lot of the sounds here.

    I agree the embedded flash player is very good, but I don't know who owns it or under what licence it is available. I would imagine it's open source, but wouldn't know if it's available for embedding in your website.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm confused... Why not use the embed links we provide? Those do exactly what you want.


    All the freesound code is GPL ( ) so you are free to copy/use/adapt as long as you play by the rules of the GPL. You can find all the freesound source code over here:

    If you are not a programmer it might be hard getting what you want from this repository...

    - Bram

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    Bram and SG -- The embed tool is exactly what I wanted -- it's way down at the bottom of the screen and I didn't realize it was there or what it was for! Understood about server overload although I think freesound could very well become the youtube of audio.

    As for the source code, yes I am familiar with programming (fyi: I originated the Algorithm Alley column in Dr. Dobb's Journal and used to write a lot about programming languages -- now I just play the guitar and fool around with sounds .) That's a great suggestion; if I ever dust off the programming neurons, maybe I'll give it a go. Thanks. -- Tom (

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