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    Forum does not show topics with new messages

    When I go to the forum, on I can see some subforums have a blue icon, indicating there are new messages in there, but when I then open that subforum, all threads are unmarked. I don't know which have new messages since my last visit and I don't know for each thread where the new messages start. This makes use of the forum particularly hard, if not impossible, for us who don't want to miss anything.

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    I agree completely, the old method worked well , I hope that this will be rectified in the future.

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    Can I add my vote to the above observations. I understand it is not a high priority at this time, so didn't say anything earlier but might as well add my thoughts here. The threads really do need highlighted links for unread posts, and "mark forum as read" links in the forums and a "mark all forums as read" link in the index page. The link is so useful, especially when a spammer has found his way in!

    Another bug is that the blue highlighted "new post" icons all turns grey the moment you refresh or re-visit the index page even if you haven't read any of the new posts.

    No pressure guys, I'm not complaining, just giving feedback for the future. I think you're all doing a splendid job.


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    We know about this and I also find it PARTICULARLY annoying, so rest assured it will be fixed smile

    The blue icons should stay on for the next 15 minutes or so after you come to the forum!

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