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    "report to mods" function for spam posts

    I know you've only just "sexed up" the freesound website, but I'd like to see some kind of "mark as spam / report to mods" button on the forum posts... as soon as a post gets flagged it could be taken down and only restored once a mod has ok'd it.

    wtf is with handbag spam on a freesound website? At least spam me trying to sell me the olympus ls-11 !!!!

    revel in the blasphemy of life!
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    I'd like to see this option also. It's good to kill the spam as fast as possible. If there were concerns about having the feature abused, perhaps it could be enabled for logged-in only people, and perhaps only after they've reached a reasonable level of participation (20 forums or something). Automating this to avoid having a manual task would be important, of course.

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