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    I don't know what to do! When I put my video in Windows Movie Maker, I can't find the sound I downloaded! I look under add music, then I click that, but I can't find it anywhere!
    Can you add it to a video, or only to pictures?
    If you can help, please post.
    Thank you. sad

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    Hi StuffedAnimalShow

    Once you've downloaded a file onto your computer and saved it to your hard drive you can do anything you want with it, just like any other sound.
    Your problem is one of the following-

    1. You have saved it to a folder that movie maker isn't looking at. (I have no idea how to use Windows Movie Maker and make it "Browse" your hard disc.) You might have to find the sound on your computer and copy (or move) it to the "Music" folder.

    2. The sound you downloaded is in a format that movie maker doesn't recognise. Generally Windows programs are not very helpful with non-Microsoft formats. (Can you play and hear the soundfile in Media Player?) If your file is in, say flac format (soundfilename.flac) you might have to use another program (say Audacity) to save a copy in wav format (soundfilename.wav).

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