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    Can't get the list of the files I've downloaded :(

    Hello folks, hope someone can help me out a bit. If a topic of this sort has already been opened, just redirect me please, couldn't find it...

    Now, I've downloaded some sound FXs from this great community site, and am trying to get the list of those files in order to give due credits to the folks that made the original samples, I've mixed up and used in my own project, but so far I've failed. Now, I've seen there is a hyperlink on legal that should compile that list (if I'm not mistaken) in plain text or HTML, but alas, I get nothing.. So far tried everything possible, but still I get zilch ( been sendin' mesages to the moderators but suppose they're busy as it is with a site of this size, without my boring them to death).

    In the meantime my own project got to a finished phase, and can't make it public till I credit the people in qustion ( and there are a lot of 'em, so is almost impossible to track each of 'em down, especially since i mixed the original FXs few months ago)..

    No due credits, no project as I see it... sad

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    Attribution list on the control panel (to your left).

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    Alternatively, use [this link].

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    One suggestion I would make is that, if you can, in future you should try to save your original somewhere before working on it. I always save the original, and then if I do something with it I save the result sepratly.

    But as has been said, you can also get your downloaded files from your user page.

    Hope that helps...

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