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    "advanced search" feature request

    Maybe this has been mentioned before, but if not- I would love love LOVE the ability to somehow eliminate or condense individual "sample pack member" files in search results.

    In other words, let's say for example I have a desire to check out the wide variety of results from a search for "100 bpm"- geese honking, glitch drum loops, french horn solos, the whole spectrum... I see 300+ results, and say "Oh goody! What a lot of files!"
    I then realize that 8 pages of results/100 files are simply individual files from a large sample pack.

    Now while sample packs are a wonderful thing, I end up wishing there was a simple way to screen them from my searches rather often, after clicking "next page" 5 times and thinking "PLEASE not more sample pack files!"

    Anyone else besides me feel this way?
    Thanks for a wonderful site BTW smile

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    Good suggestion.

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