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    Why not on Facebook?

    In this socialized era when people tend to post updates on whenever something is done. So why not a function to link Freesound with Facebook? Shouldn't be too hard to do. For instance:

    I really want a Like button by the sound. This way cool samples can be spread via social medias to other potential customers. Consequence: More visitors on Freesound which means more potential people who are willing to donate to you.

    Another example:

    Why isn't there a facebook app that links your freesound account with your facebook account? This way when someone rates one of your samples then a message is posted on your wall:

    "User XXXX rated 8/10 on the sound YYYY on"


    "User XXXX commented on the sound YYYY on"

    Think about how huge impact this would have on your friends...

    Best regards Johan Brodd
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    I can see your point to a limited degree, but personally I would like to keep the so-called social networks way out of the Freesound project and keep it clean and pure.

    I (and many other) were able to find this site because I was looking for free samples and somewhere to possibly contribute; people only discovering it through Facebook are very unlikely, in my opinion, to show any serious interest or enthusiasm, because they weren't looking for it in the first place. A web search for "free sounds" ranks pretty high up.

    But that's only my opinion smile

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