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    "what happens to my recording when it hits the air?"

    an interesting article by bob orban and frank foti, (of orban systems and omnia, respectively.)
    that they got together to write this is interesting in it's own.

    written in 2001, it's largely still relevant, but doesn't address HD/iboc digital radio, and my gut tells me that clippers are turned down a bit these days. otherwize still spot on.

    i think it's interesting to note that FM has audio bandwidth of 15khz, and you had to protect your stereo pilot @ 38khz from your audio encroching at 19khz (19k * 3 =38 ) so when orban made his magical stereo generator in the same box with the brickwall & compressors, you could really turn it up, and he sort of started the loudness wars described in the piece.

    the only other modern manufacturer of note now is the wheatstone vorsis, which is a 30 something band multi-band compressor. it's supposed to be something like psycho-acoustic masking, but in reverse. rather than stripping data, it adds perceived detail by limiting critical bands. i haven’t heard one to my knowledge..

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