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    We are a trio of music producers in Hong Kong working on an experimental pop album. We are in the development phase of the songs and looking to collaborate with instrumentalists, sound artists, and beat makers to push the sonic boundaries further. This is an opportunity to work in a state-of-the-art music studio with connections to a multitude of global musicians, artists, and institutions. Our facility includes:

    Pyramix 64-bit Digital Audio Workstation, Horus 8 I/O Audio Interface, V-Cube HD Turnkey Video Player, Ravenna Network, Smart AV Tango Workstation Controllers, Sonodyne SM300 and SM200 Monitors, Charter Oak PEQ-1 Hardware EQ, Charter Oak SCL-1 Hardware Compressor, Charter Oak Condenser Microphones, an isolated ‘Floating Floor’ Recording Room, and much more…

    The studio is housed in an animation studio within C1 Enterprise and works in tandem with The Empty Gallery, a groundbreaking art gallery and perhaps the most experimental music venue in Asia.

    This position is negotiable from one to three months depending on compatibility with the team and starts immediately after the candidate is chosen. Duties may include sample sourcing, glitch studies, chance operation experiments or data processing depending on your specific skills. Lodging in a high-rise apartment with a beautiful ocean view overlooking Aberdeen Harbour is included. Airfare is also included. If you are interested in work experience within the international creative vortex of Hong Kong, contact us to set up an interview.

    C1 Enterprise Audio Department

    Please include a bio, your background in music, along with samples of your work.

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