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    (CONTEST) Musical Artwork Needed!



    Electro Shock Network is growing fast and I, "Shock Lord", have finally tribute to the world of Dubstep.
    To celebrate, an awesome song cover and album cover must be made.

    Only problem is, I suck at at making covers... therefor I ask EACH of you to show off your skills as artists.
    The ElectroShockNetwork banner consists of a black background, the silhouette of a cloaked man riding a darkish blue / Blue-black-grey thundercould with lightning shooting everywhere. The man seems to be holding out his left hand where bright blue lightning is coming out of.

    Clouds like this (not my art)

    Links to Art entries MUST be sent in a DeviantArt message or Freesound Message.

    The best artist will receive 2, perhaps 3, awesome custom-made songs. Any BPM, Any Genre, ANYTHING.

    (Contest Entries)

    Visit our Youtube Channel;

    Our DeviantArt Channel;

    "Shock Lord" - Its Shocking

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