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    I too want to contribute to the site, but as I told the comunity before, I cannot get the FTP to work. Mind you, it is a computer programme so why should it work when you want to use it!? smile :evil:

    The problem seems to be that it will not work with screen readers!

    If Bram could one day add a simpler alternative in the shape of an upload form on the new server, I would be mighty grateful.

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    Am i missing something or has the article link been removed??

    Somthing is missing! A clear straight explanation of using this terrible u[loader. No wonder its free they always give away free the ones tht don't work and also no one seems to know anything about it, and I do not believe that never did. Maybe if you used a system that worked for MAC's too and other ISP's

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    Thanks for the directions to adding to "my network places" folder on my PC. I hope to have several sounds to upload in the next two weeks, and this will help. Thanks again

    Samplers rock!
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    Everyone should take a shot.

    At $100+, no thanks.

    Some free screen-casting (screen recorder) software is listed here.

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    Bram wrote:
    there is no other way to download the files on freesound except for clicking the download link.

    - bram

    Hi King Bram!

    Perhaps you might help explain you comment in light of the message I received in April from someone who I had been dealing with in April called FunSoundsTube on YouTube.

    He contacted me after receiving a copyright strike on YouTube from a brand new account:

    When I tried to obtain information on his account (being under the impression that your statement is correct). Obviously I checked his downloads which was ZERO. I asked him to provide his real Freesound Account and he said this FSTube was his only account.

    I now know who the real person is, because of an escalated YouTube process initiated by him
    However, according to him who I will only identify by Freesound User Name; the thousands of audio files FSTube is monetizing as raw original sounds from FreeSound. He does not use an account, nor does he use the download button.

    In a different message he indicated using an api query to locate sounds on, and another process suggested below to bulk download.

    He messaged me the following


    April 18th, 2013
    re: re: re: re: Copyright Infringement Notification on YouTube

    Dear RGAP Creative,

    No Freesound account was used to download your files. The audio previews can be downloaded from Freesound without using an account. This is how I downloaded the files. I am not aware of any location other than Freesound that distributes your sounds.

    You can check the HTML source of any sound page to confirm this. The terms of Freesound do not restrict downloading previews.

    To ensure that you are talking to the responsible person, please contact FunSoundTube on YouTube: ("Send message");_compose=1 (direct link).