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Sustainability Report 2018

Dear Freesounders, Remember when we discussed about the future sustainability of Freesound almost two years back? We mentioned back then that we would keep you updated about the status of the sustainability of Freesound, including general information about the donations … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

2018 in numbers

Dear all, Following the tradition of the last years, here are some statistics about the use of Freesound during 2018 🙂 . The statistics are presented following the same structure as in 2016′s and 2017′s post, with a special focus … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

Community update December 2018

Hi again dear Freesounders, Welcome back to our (not really) monthly blog post about things happening in the Freesound dev world! You’ll have noticed that lately we’ve been a bit less active writing in the blog. This is because some … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

Preserving the USC Optical Sound Effects Library

[Guest blog post by Craig Smith] Last August, I uploaded 1,233 vintage optical sound effects from various Hollywood productions ranging from the 1930s to 1950s. This is part of a large project I’ve been working on for nearly three years. … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

Community update September 2018

Hi again… …and welcome back to our community update post! This month we don’t have any major user-ready features to show, but there are a number of things we’ve been doing in the background which will allow nice new stuff … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

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Create Cầu Sấm Sét sound from follytowers’s «high-voltage-discharge-2.wav" sound. Audacity: - Cut from 7.400s to 9.307s - Effect→Echo Delay (seconds): ...

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Contact recording of a Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Ultra Slim external USB hard drive

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Just a short "ditty" . Messing around again.If anybody can use this I will be surprised !

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