March 26th, 2014

I've recorded the first chapter of a story created in a manner called One-Word-At-A-Time in Freesound Forums. Read the original here:

Captured using a Zoom H2, edited with Audacity. Compressed with SC4 and EQd with Audacity's built in rich EQ.

The compiled text without commentary:

1 - Once...
2 - upon
3 - a time
4 - in a small town called Pandora
5 - there was a database.
6 - containing vital information
7 - collected and controlled by the Government.
8 - Nobody knew what the database, called pandorabox, contained, yet the popular
folklore went thus:
9 - that every word, written, spoken or thought was in the database.
10 - Though the question still remains,...
11 - how does one
12 - hack the database? More importantly, why does one, or who intends to, hack
the database?
13 - The question puzzled many but one young outcast searched for the answer for
his special organization called the.....
14 - Chaos Code.
15 - Within this organisation one thing was certain...
16 - , they were all looking for the same thing. For all they knew pandorabox
could hold vital information for there cause that they could use against the
capital or it could hold deep dark secrets about them and the capital that would
need to be destroyed and taken advantaged.
17 - but,
18 - nothing is ever easy
19 - for
20 - the Chaos Code.
21 - Now time is running short as few are left to face the enemy
22 - , although without even knowing who the enemy really was, the "crusaders" -
the hackers - knew they were against something big... and that something was
against them as well. The first step, then, was to know whom or what they were
up against.
23 - They set to prepare some reconnaissance - to better equip their knowledge.
24 - When they got there they secretly spied the territory and discovered that
it was worse then they predicted and it would be hard getting in and out without
being noticed, they will probably have to fight there way in and out or sneak in
and then fight there way out.
25 - Since they knew that either outcome meant the destruction of their plans
before even starting, they decided they'd have to retreat and find an insider



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