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Jan Martinec
x1984, Prague, Czech Republic.
Graduated at AAAD in 2015. More information at my website:

My art creation is deeply connected to me as a person, human being and central european citizen. I understand art as a tool for creating sets of questions in different way than is the verbal one. These questions raise a need to tackle them, to answer them, to challenge them or just to show them, if there is no other way how to treat them. I find visual art to be just another form of intelectual effort, therefore I do not think that art is more than world, I do not think that talent is something what differs people and I do not think that art is something excluded out of our world, I think that it is the very part of it. However I do not find visual art to be equal to verbal expression in any way.
Therefore my work revolves around topics which concerns me as a person mainly in two different fields. One is my inner circle where I care about the very basic questions of every human being, while second is more about the surroundings around me, including society, politics and other. These fields sometimes overlap each other, sometimes stay alone. Both have the same importance for me.

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