December 22nd, 2011

A 1-shot sample taken of a special-effects HiHat cymbal combo stack (an 18-inch Zildjian A series Ping Ride as the top cymbal, and a 20-inch Wuhan Lion series China as the bottom cymbal), recorded with an MXL 603 close-mic and two Peavey electret condenser microphones in an XY pair. The files designated "FtSpl", "HO", "SO", and "O" are all 200,000 samples in length, and crossfade-looped with the loop range [150,000...199,999]. Samplers with .WAV file header support should automatically detect the loop range. Just enable looping, set the sample player's sustain parameter to 0% and use the decay and/or release parameter to fade the cymbals out to taste. A MIDI continuous-control number can be designated to modulate Amplitude Envelope Decay and/or Release parameters, as well as selection of the MIDI key to be triggered, corresponding to the strike zone/openness level of the instrument in appropriate hardware or software devices.

Notes for samples in this pack:

Playing style:

Cymbal strike types:

Bl = Bell Strike
Bw = Bow Strike
E = Edge Strike
FtChk = Foot "Chick" sound (Pedal closes the cymbals and remains closed)
FtSpl = Foot "Splash" sound (Pedal closes the cymbals and is immediately released for the cymbals to decay naturally)

Foot-control types for stick strikes:

Cl = Tightly Closed
SC = Semi-Closed
HO = Half-Open
SO = Semi-Open
O = Fully Open

v## =the number designation for the velocity with which the instrument was played


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Wave (.wav)
1.1 MB
48000.0 Hz
24 bit
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