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Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening everyone.
Please excuse my grammar, repeating and many other language problems of mine. I am just an ordinary human and I am not any worse or better then you. I can't say sorry enough because I keep making mistakes making a fool out of myself so if I offend you in this way I am feeling embarassed I admit it and in this way I apologize.

Welcome to my profile thanks for reading below the top :-D and caring please feel free to message me here.
Sorry but I don't really use socials that much or emails anymore but my skype is mariomario2256 if you want to contact me.
(My picture there is a face with a white light on it in a blue background and by the way you cannot see into my face except the light.) I come on skype from time to time but I go there, promise you that!
Just make sure to tell me who you are though so I can contact you before-hand here on freesound to confirm you are that person thank you.

- Now let's talk about something dedicated to sounds
The sounds I will upload here you can use in literary any way. You don't have to mention that it's from me. My uploads aren't affiliated with any licenses except being fair, giving out as much works of mine as I can from within my potential strength.
Sorry if I ever have a bad day I cant help it usually then I lose my authenticity in need of positivity because you know internet is internet.:-( But at least temporarily I am here on this beautiful website.

Either way! What you do with my stuff is up to you all but if you want to know more?

- Here is what I offer with my works:
You don't have to mention my name and you can use all of this for profit even though I myself don't. (at least as of now)
I think that and some contracts would leave a burden of a mark which is why I will continue to do this as a hobby for fun FOR FREE.
You can even say that my sounds are yours and belong originally to you because if I hear it somewhere I will recognize that I created it, no need for witnesses and troubles with others. But I will not do anything against what I offered because it was my choice to give it out. What's more I will tell you how I recorded it also with what device, what techniques I used and or what programs I used to edit it with and if you will request files with the sounds or music I will give it out as well one instrument at a time and so on!

I am also hoping to find as many friends as possible through this also encouraging and inspiring others to cooperate by giving out stuff and doing it for free unaffiliated instead of trading or monetary purposes. I think the internet is missing something beautiful in these digital empires so before it's too late we need to remember what internet once was or what it could be if we really try but yet again this is off topic.

Thanks for reading friend/s!
Remember please ask anything you want my skype is mariomario2256
Have a beautiful day!

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