September 18th, 2006

This recording is part of the microphone-comparison-freight-train-wav
sample pack.
The three samples in this series were recorded simultaneously (from
approximately the same position) with three different standard stereo
microphone arrangements: mid-side (mixed into L-R), X-Y cardioid, and
with a Jecklin disk.

The 5'34" recordings capture a long freight train (with a helicopter
flying overhead) passing approximately 10 feet in front of the
microphones (from left to right) in Berkeley, California (USA) on
September 17, 2006.

This recording was made with a pair of Sennheiser MKH-800
microphones in a mid-side configuration (inside a Rycote blimp).
The "mid" microphone was set to "wide cardioid" and the "side"
was set to "figure-8", with the array connected to a Sound Devices 744T
digital recorder at 96K/24bits. Mixed into conventional A-B stereo in Logic Pro.

A compressed (256Kbps) MP3 version of this recording is available in the
microphone-comparison-freight-train-mp3 sample pack.


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    Heigh-hoo 11 years ago

    Density of sound is overwhelming. Great recording.
    It's a little pity that the signal of a horn is too loud, which forces the other sounds such as rolling wheels to be too low.
    Diaphragms seem to tremble with the horn. It may have been over 140dB. Wasn't it? I cut out only freight cars' part and tried stretching it to -8 dB. (Sorry.) That was really amazing. That's the sound of MKH microphone I know. More than ordinary MKHs.

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