July 26th, 2013

General noise in late-night suburban city during a summer night (0-1 am).

Audible: All sounds 'far away' on low level, the humming of AC's, air condition or fan, a single car, people chat and say goodbye, slamming doors, people walking, barking dog's, drunk yelling people,

The microphone was placed in the open window on he front of a house on the second floor. All windows in the front and the back are open so here is a combination of sound from all sides. Here are a lot of houses in large blocks.

Maybe useful as a background in films, video or radioplay.

Rode NT4 > Sony PCM D50
weather: clear scy, temperature 23c, wind < 1bft,
Location suburb-city in the Netherlands (Holland)

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Flac (.flac)
311.5 MB
48000.0 Hz
24 bit
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