June 22nd, 2013

In this soundscape the microphone hanging out of the window in the first floor in a calm street in a city in Holland.

It's a summer-afternoon so some doors of houses are open.
A workman in one house, close to the mic, is glueing and hammering a stair carpet in my house.
Kids drive around on there bikes.
Cars and mopeds come and go and drive slowly pass because the have to make a sharp corner and the maximum speed is only 30kmh.
The blackbird, a friend of mine that is always around for a fresh worms-dinner, sings his summer-chorus in the tree, but there are more birds.
Some dogs bark in the distance.
Two man talk with each other.

Recorded: Temp 25c, wind 0-3 SW, clouds. Microphone out of window 5 metre high. 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), Netherlands (Holland). June 20th 2013 start afternoon 3pm.

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Primo em172 (ab40) > Sony PCM D50

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