March 29th, 2006

second version for "Wind", part of the second sample pack for the competition. this one is based on the same concept as the other Wind sample (which is not submitted for the competition - see sample windust0.aif), where i tried to simulate an imaginary sound world heard by microscopic objects (particles) as they get carried away by the intensity of the wind. the sound sources used here as well are edited sections from several field recording sessions, which took place in an underground construction area in the netherlands. the original recording was chopped into short 1sec-10sec fragments, re-arranged in time and processed with various filters and custom effects, including distortions, granular processing and frequency shifting. i tuned the envelopes of each of the sound fragments and put them together in such way that will hopefully give them the characteristics of the wind and air stream. i also used amplitude and phase inversion techniques for that purpose. recorded using C1000 condenser mic and Sony MZ-N505 minidisc. additional editing, EQ tunings and stereo panning were done in Peak. effects processing in Pd.


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    Tsubaki129 6 years, 8 months ago

    Thanks! This is really what a friend and me were searching for! We possibly use this for an animation (computer graphics for a scientific project) - we'll name you and send you a link if you would like to see.

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