April 22nd, 2014

Be carefull with the volume!!! I maxed out the EQ and volume to get the most effect possible...
Dont know, but it could be bad for your ears!! Dont want anyone to get hearing problems.... :)

Dare 26 spin-off....

AlienXXX processed a few samples out of sample:


He wanted us to listen to the samples an tell if they were worse or not to the original samples..
So I just listened to a few samples and noticed something weird...
On a few samples there is this very high pitch sound... seems not everyone is able to hear this..
My girlfriend was listening with me and she didnt hear anything like this!!!
To find out what was going on AlienXXX suggested to run the samples thrue an EQ to see what was going on.
I used the following sample:


I found out that there was a very high peak at 14,8kHz around 14sec. and again at 20sec.
After that I maxed out my EQ at 14,8kHz. setting everything to maximize the peak that is so very very very annoying!!!


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    AlienXXX 2 years ago

    I do not find this sound unpleasant or annoying at all - listenning on my normal headphones.

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