You will be granted a

- worldwide
- royalty-free
- permanent

license to use sounds uploaded to the freesound project AND owned by digifishmusic in commercial or non-commercial applications provided you comply with all of the following (it's not hard, no need to breech copyright!):

1. Make sure digifish music has copyright ownership: I can only grant the above license for sounds that I own. To check, make sure the sound is not tagged as a remix (A remix may include the work of other freesound authors). Additionally, ensure that the downloaded file name has '_digifishmusic_' in it.

2. Let me know: Contact me and let me know how you will use the sound (use the message link below or www.digifishmusic.com/contact.htm ). This step is both a courtesy and condition. I will reply with a confirmation that I am the sole copyright owner of the sound/s you plan to use. My reply will serve as copyright clearance documentation for your project.

3. Credit the freesound project and digifish music: If the work has credits or can have credits, that you credit: was/were served by the freesound project and produced by www.digifishmusic.com .

4. Not allowed: You may not re-sell the sound singularly or as part of a sample library, in a similar/competing product or re-host them on another web-site with the aim of serving them for use by others or sale to others. In other words, I expect you will be using digifish music sounds creatively in (but not limited to): multimedia works, film, tv, video, music compositions, radio, live performances, art installations, in computer software, in product firmware, on web pages as embellishment of content. Not just re-selling/re-serving them.

5. Copyright Transfer: You may not use these samples and register the work with some 3rd party copyright aggregation organization without separate permission. I don't allow this as such registrations may cause nuisance DMCA strikes by automated systems that exist at YouTube etc when people publish their work legitemately using the samples.

NOTES: The Creative Commons Freesound requirements are a sub-set of the above conditions, by complying with them you will also comply with The Freesound Project Creative Commons requirements associated with digifishmusic sounds. I upload these sounds to be used. Yes you can make money using them, my reward is simply to know how they are being used and that both Freesound and I are credited (if possible).

It is advised that you keep a copy of this text and any receipt of email acknowledgement from me, for your records associated with the project and use of digifish music sounds.

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Binaural recording during a short walk-around at Musikmesse 2011. Recording chain - Panasonic wm-61a capsules - Edirol R09-HR recorder. Video ...