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December 17th, 2006

This is my nicest recording I have ever made of a storm and there's a
lots of dynamism in there. I recorded this in a really big storm in the
night on 26th
of August, 2004. I wake up but not because of the lightning. I live
near a big city, so I can see the red lights of the clouds in the night
sky. I have seen a pulsing light from the window and I thought, there
will be a storm. Because I like photographing lightning so I caught my
cassette recorder and the mono mic in my left hand and the
photographing set in my right hand and I run down to the first floor
and went outside to the high-stand in the garden. Running out I saw
some intracloud lightning and heard the thunder and they struck closer and closer. On the high-stand I standed
up the photographing set and started to take some photograph of
lightning. The storm lasted about three hours but I was so lucky
because of there were the most lightning and the coolest thunder sounds
in this five minute. Lightning struck frequently and frequently and I
was more frightened and more frightened...the sky seemed to blow out
until 2:40 seconds. Then everything become quiet but I thought that the
lightning is gonna have to struck nearby in the town!!! And this is the
nicest moment: I waited for this event, and at the end, IT HAPPENED and
started to rain...This sound recorded by a Grundig
cassette recorder and a mono PHILIPS microphone so loud thunder sounds
are a bit distorted. You can hear the radio-crackling noise before the
thunder sounds.


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    wakka737 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    thank you so much!!!

  • avatar
    metamorphone 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    It's perfect!! Thanks for share it!

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    dennster 1 year, 6 months ago

    awesome!!! Thank you very much.

  • avatar
    jessie1208 2 years, 1 month ago

    nice effects

  • avatar
    smartalek180 2 years, 3 months ago

    This is stunning.
    I love the mix of crickets (or cicadas?) with the thunder, and then the transition into rain.
    Excellent clarity and stereo separation, too.
    I just wish it ran longer!
    Thank you for the meticulous work, and for sharing it here.

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