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May 27th, 2005

This is a trumpet sample I recorded for a finale to the musical I was in, Viva Mexico. Recorded with a dodgy setup, but you wouldn't notice. One SM58 running into a Behringer tube preamp, then straight into my Powerbook (via the on-board soundcard) and cleaned up in Logic.It's pretty bare at the moment, but if you add some reverb and EQ to taste, this sample can really kick. Enjoy.The sample is used for a sort of fanfare when Zorro and his two love interests move to the front of the stage for their bow.


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    heberman 5 years ago

    sounds fantastic!

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    yotata1 5 years ago

    very good quality

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    Daimon-zero 5 years ago

    Really nice sound - but hope its not synth or from a keyboard is it? voted u 8* anyways.

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    DjElfo 5 years, 1 month ago

    Dude have you ever heard Salud Y Vide by Daddy Yankee?! I mean dude this is identical!! thanks a million!! :)


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    Synapse 5 years, 1 month ago

    It definitely has a good tempo. It was recorded against a click and I've personally used it against a very strong four-on-the-floor. It's just syncopated which can make it hard to fit in.

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