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I am a professional audio engineer by trade. Tracking, mixing, and mastering music is a great passion of mine, and I am available for hire. When that doesn't pay the bills I also do electrical work, on the side.

I also produce a podcast called Bloodthirsty Vegetarians. We discuss the news of the day, politics, culture, pop culture, movie reviews, and we typically throw two pieces of music in, per episode. Not all of the music is podsafe, but we have the permission of the artists if we ever do play music that is not podsafe.

When the show was originally conceived, both hosts were vegetarians, but it was rarely, if ever discussed. Now we have one vegetarian host, and one omnivore host, and it is still rarely discussed.

In my spare time I like to think, write, ride my bike, Curl (winter ice sport), work out, play guitar, see movies, cook, drink wine, and do whatever it is that we do on the Internet.

Ricardus's latest sounds

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This is a recording I made of a friend's 4 ft Zildjian gong. Captured with a vintage Neumann M49, through ...