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October 16th, 2007

The sound of a small electric toy car being "driven" around a small oval of plastic track. There are two places where the two parallel slots cross each other, accounting for some of the regular "click-clack" noise.

Car number 4 "revs-up" with a high-pitched drill-like noise. The motors were built into the chassis of these toys, what was called a "pancake" motor. They could be taken apart and cleaned, which was often necessary.

After revving-up, the car makes a brief run and spins out. There are sounds of it being pushed, then it makes four complete laps before coming off the track.

Recorded using an M-Audio Micro-Track with the stock "T" stereo mic held about 6" above the center of the oval.


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    DJ Burnham 1 year, 1 month ago

    Great, hope to use first bit for helmet visor engaging in Scene 7 in Episode 25 of Ad Astral – Home in Time for Christmas: due out in November/December 2014. Credits will be in the shownotes.
    Many, many thanks.
    Dave Burnham

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