Pack: Cornish coast by Philip Goddard

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One of the prime things that motivated me to start making natural soundscape recordings myself was the lack of available recordings of the distinctive and healthily invigorating sound of the Atlantic swell hitting the rugged and often complex cliffs of many parts of the Cornwall coast - particularly the north Cornish coast and around the Land's End (Penwith) peninsula.

What is so special about this sound is its usually incorporating at least some element of low frequency thuds, wallops and whoomphs as the sea hits sheer cliffs and especially hits undercuts and the end of clefts and caves in the cliffs.

The recordings in this pack, therefore, are concentrating on that kind of sound, though inevitably some more standard surf-on-sandy-beach sounds are also included.

  • Pack created on: Dec. 29, 2012, 11:49 a.m.
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