June 13th, 2010

LAYERS 017 - MOTORCYCLE DOOM is a multisample package, this time not containing every single sound of the keyboard, but only the C-keys and the highest one. I only added those sounds because there is very little variation between the sounds if I would upload every key. The process of creating this sound was quite complicated. I tool 3 self made motorcycle recordings (one of 60 seconds, one of 30 seconds and the final one of 26 seconds), spread them across every possible key within NI Kontakt 4 using Tone Machine 2 with a different speed settings: the 1 minute recording got a 50% speed setting, while the other 2 received a 25% setting. I mixed the 3 layers with equal volume and then added 3 convolution reverbs in sequence, each time with the original motorcycle recordings as convolution source. The result is a low frequency drone like sound which builds up slowly and fades away in a subtle slow way. Everything was done within Cubase 5 in 32 bit floating format and the conversion to 16 bit FLAC format was kept as the very last stage in the process. I used this multisample as base for LAYERS 017 - MOTORCYCLE DOOM 2


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    chaosdan 4 years, 8 months ago

    Spooky! I like it, thanks

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Flac (.flac)
12.4 MB
44100.0 Hz
16 bit
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