January 20th, 2013

Here is a recording I have been wanting to make since I discovered home made contact mics.

I used 2 piezo discs, coated with plasdip as home made contact mics. I made a snowball with them inside and then threw it! (well... dropped it, actually, as the mic leads limited movement)
I wired the 2 separate piezo discs to create a stereo contact mic.

I placed the contact mics on a little pile of snow on top of my wheely bin. You can hear some scrapping sounds - that is me scrapping snow off the wheely bin lid - followed by 'splat!' as I place it on top of thei initial pile. I repeated this 4 times.

Then I picked up the pile of snow and squeezed in my hands to make a snow ball. That is the sound you hear between 30 and 35s.

The final 'splat!' sound is the snowball being dropped on the floor from a height of 35-40cm.
You can hear some scrapping sounds in the beggining


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