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    new audio file crimes_against_humanity has been added to the profile.
    some really wicked Max/Msp patches created by our collective member tristram Cox have been extensively used on this one. also featured tibetan chant 4 colargol 2.aif by djgriffin downloaded from freesound webpage community. big respect. I can't say enough about what it means to me to be able to use this beautiful pieces of work which you can find on this page.
    we had to heavily compress the file due to it's lenght so for better quality those who are interested will have to wait till the first album/project is ready.
    each day brings new sounds, inspirations and fucking challenges. we try to maintain the momentum.

    for the memory of all the victims of genocides.
    we refuse to be silent with this violent art act.

    you can find the file here :


    pleased to meet you hope you guess my name

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