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    Animation using sounds form this site

    I made a short Flash animation for my new website. Rather than the usual “Under Construction” I decided to make this movie trailer short animation.

    It was made with Blender. Post Processing Adobe Audition and Premier Pro.

    This is my first time converting to Flash fro an AVI file so there was a little bit of texture degrading.

    Let me know what you think of it.

    Thanks to Tigersound for the effects

    I'm new to this site - for some reason the HTML is not working.

    got to:

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    the end of the animation should say: "sounds by XYZ, ZZZ and YYY from freesound"
    or if you got personal permission to use the sounds w/out the attribution, then it's ok.

    looks neat though, and the sounds really help.

    but, please try to add the attribution, it's a really important part for freesound!

    - bram

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    I usually give credit, which is very important, however I wanted this to be clean. I did send Tigersound a PM about it as well as posting it here and received a positive response. I'm awaiting further response regarding collaboration on another animation and I'm exploring the sounds on this wonderful site.


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