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    Portuguese radio program


    I've made a program that involves a story set in Brazil, Amazonia, to be specific.

    Since I didn't had budget to travel to Brazil to do my own recordings
    I've used some sounds "stolen" here at freesound. I also used a fly sound.
    The attribution list is posted next to the program here.

    You can listen to program and download the script, albeit being in portuguese.

    Thanks for sharing. I will make available soon the sounds I capture here in Lisbon.

    Pare, escute, sinta,
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    Hi Appa,

    at least someone from Lisboa!


    It would be really great,, if you could make some recordings available, you made in Lisboa. I have posted a request like that in the forum some weeks ago.

    Portugal is a "blank sheet", if it comes to geotagged samples and it would be brilliant, if you could "fill the map".

    It would be nice, if you culd tell me, as soon as you uploaded some files! :lol:

    All the best!


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    Well the one I uploaded one minute ago is not from Lisboa, but at least a field recording from the shores of Algarve! smile
    So see if You can use it Inchadney!
    Anyway, I´m going to geotag it as soon as possible, so that Portugal will have at least one little red sign on the map!

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